eCommerce SEO Consultant

eCommerce SEO expert ready to bring you new users and generate more revenue.

eCommerce SEO is more competitive than ever before and ensuring that you are getting ahead of your competition is vital for long-term success. I have experience of helping brands reach new users and generate increased amount of revenue. I have experienced in working with a variety of CMS including: WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and more, including custom builds.

As an SEO eCommerce specialist I drive new users to your website, increase your average order value and conversions rates, and ultimately, increase your online store’s revenue. As part of your initial consultation, I offer a completely free eCommerce SEO audit with no obligation attached. 

To give you can idea of my approach, I have put together a brief overview below:

Define Your eCommerce Goals

I will take the time to gain a deep understanding of your eCommerce store and also work with you understand the goals you wish to achieve. Based upon this we will set KPIs to measure future performance and ensure that you are generating a strong return on your investment.

Technical eCommerce SEO Audit

eCommerce websites tend suffer from a range of technical issues that impact their performance. There are certain technical issues that are common, and those that are less common and can lead to issues with duplicate content and even URLs not being indexed or fully rendered. I perform an in-depth technical SEO audit to find the issues that are impacting your online performance and set clear priorities in terms of what needs to be addresses first.


eCommerce Keyword Research

I perform detailed eCommerce keyword research that focuses on each stage of the conversion funnel; as part of this it will include a detailed focus on keywords that have higher levels of intent to convert, these are essential to ensure that you are generating revenue and gaining visibility for the right type of keywords. I will also perform research for each stage of the customer journey, ranging from the discovery phase through to the actual point of sale.


Increase Visibility of Revenue Driving Pages

I ensure that your revenue driving category pages are enjoying strong levels of visibility, bringing in new users and driving strong levels of revenue to grow your business. You will also benefit from the fact that your product pages will gain traction and visibility, meaning that those searching for higher-conversion intent product related keywords are generating revenue.


eCommerce SEO Strategy

I will work to provide you with a completely bespoke SEO strategy to reach your KPIs, deliver new long-term customers and generating strong levels of eCommerce revenue. I work on a quarterly basis in the initial stages and once we have developed a strong working relationship, I start to look at the bigger picture and work on a 6-month basis to deliver higher levels of growth.

Link Acquisition

I identify and build relationships with key influencers within your niche and help you get your products in-front of the right audience at the right time. You will also benefits from carefully tailored content marketing campaigns that will get your brand on blogs and websites that your audience actually read to deliver powerful backlinks and citations to further complement the 

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Once we are increasing traffic we need to make sure that we are taking advantage of the new traffic. I will work with you to make sure that you get as much value and sales from your SEO traffic as possible. I will make a few simple changes to increase your conversion rate to increase your eCommerce revenue and generate a greater return on your investment

Analyse, Report & Grow

Every month you will receive a bespoke in-depth report that shows how your campaign is progressing based upon the goals agreed that the start of your campaign. I believe in full transparency so you will have a breakdown of each task that I have been working on and what I will be doing next to grow your traffic from organic search.

What Does Success Look Like?

I am only happy when I am bringing you new users, increasing your average order value, your conversion rate and generating more revenue. If there are other goals that would make you happy, then that is no problem, I will strive to deliver success.

Tom is a practical, impartial and knowledgeable SEM specialist. I have always found Tom to go above and beyond his role, and he has the rare combination of being able to lead a team as well as working independently. Tom is a real asset to any organisation that he works for, and it is because of this that I am happy to give him my full recommendation.

Damien Ellis - Head of PPC, Hyve Managed Hosting

New Customers

New users are basically new customers. My initial aim is to increase your new customers but also help you ensure that they turn into loyal, long-lasting customers.

Increase Conversion Rate

Increasing your overall conversion rate means that you are bringing the right kind of traffic to your website. I make sure that this happens and then improve it further.

Increased eCommerce Revenue

Ultimately with eCommerce the goal has to be increased levels of revenue. I aim for 3 figure percentage growth after a couple of years.